Fun Water Workouts To Do This Summer

Sat June 12, 2021

Now that the heat of the summer is back it is hard to get motivated to go on a run or do an outdoor workout. Instead of burning calories in the hot sun try burning just as many while being in a relaxing pool. There are no weights or a gym needed just a body of water for you to work out in.

In Water Jumping Jacks

Find an area of water that comes up to your shoulders and get ready to do jumping jacks. Jumping jacks will be a full water workout that will increase your strength and endurance. Start with your hands by your side and feet together. When you are ready jump and spread your feet apart while at the same time making a Y with your arms. Try to do 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps for the best results.

Treading Water

Treading water is no easy task but it is a great workout and way to burn calories. Treading water is great for your muscles and joints and won't cause any injury. Each time you tread water you should be able to work up and go a little bit longer. If you start getting good try treading with your arms above your head to add an extra challenge.

Water Dips

Go to water where you cannot stand but there is a firm side for you to grab onto. Face away from the water and place both of your hands on the side. Push yourself up and out of the water and then release and come back into the water. This is a great upper body workout that will be easy on your body. Start off by doing 5 sets of 10 and then work your way up to 10 sets of 10 if you are not yet burned out.

Walking in Water

This might not sound like a workout but once you try it you will love it. In water up to you waist all you have to do now is walk. This is a great workout for any age group and works many muscles. Walking in water will get your lower body as well as your core working while all you have to do is walk.


Swimming is a classic workout that works almost every muscle in your body. Swimming is not only great for cardio but it will also improve your strength. This is another great workout that is easy on joints while working all major muscle groups at the same time. There are also plenty of good swimming workouts that follow the HIIT technique. Swimming is the perfect workout if you are looking to burn some calories and work your whole body out.

Working out can make a huge difference in your daily life and make you feel better all around. If you have any questions give the professionals at Crafted Physical Therapy a call at (720) 204-4567.