Crafted PT to Host Two CEU Courses in Longmont

Mon June 14, 2021

Crafted PT was chosen to host fellow Physical Therapists in CEU credits!

UPDATE: Due to the ongoing spread of COVID 19, these events have been moved from their original dates. Please see the new schedule below and check back on this page for future updates. 

Lumbopelvic Examinations and Treatments

November 13, 2021 | 16 CEUs

This course covers clinical examination, manual therapy and exercise treatment interventions for the lumbo-pelvic region utilizing a clinical reasoning approach. The course considers the current literature and compares and contrasts the varying classification systems from competing schools of thought. Further emphasis is placed on tissue differential diagnosis and the influence of the hip and thoracic spine on movement dysfunction. The course covers management of common musculoskeletal conditions for diagnoses such as instability, discogenic pain, radiculopathy, facet syndrome, SI joint pain and myofascial pain syndromes associated with movement dysfunction. The lab intensive course covers a variety of proven manual therapy interventions and exercise prescription utilized to achieve optimum patient outcomes.

Identifying Clinical Blind Spots

TBD 2022 | 16 CEUs

With the increase in current evidence and course work around modern pain science, recommended utilization of cognitive functional based therapy, and a seismic shift to a bio-psycho-social approach to patient care, many clinicians are left wondering how to implement these changes into daily clinical practice. This course is designed to help clinicians learn how to clinically apply these highly useful concepts and help answer the ongoing questions of, and “Is what I am doing now wrong?” and “What do I do differently?”. This course is designed to help the practicing clinician identify and fill in the gaps in their knowledge base and clinical skill sets in regards to the patient interview, examination, both exercise and manual interventions and patient education. It will teach the clinician to learn how to make small changes leading to a meaningful change in their patient’s care utilizing a comprehensive and integrative physical therapy approach.