5 Arthritis Tips For Winter

Mon November 22, 2021

5 Arthritis Tips For Winter Weather

Unfortunately, winter weather can affect people with joint issues like osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Lower temperatures cause a decrease in barometric pressure. When barometric pressure is lower, it can lead to uncomfortable joint pain. If you suffer from the above conditions, check out the tips below to help ease your arthritis pain. 

Use Heat

When you wake up in the morning, try to start your day with heat. Grab a cup of hot coffee, and sit under a heated blanket or heating pad. The heat will help increase joint mobility and give you a day that begins with less pain. 

Move Whenever You Can

Whenever you’re able, complete low-intensity exercises like walking, riding a stationary bike, or swimming in a warm pool. Always make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. You don’t want to be in more pain than when you started!

Layer Up

When going out in cold weather, always be sure to layer up and cover any joints with issues. This means mittens and long pants. The warmer, the better. 

Invest In Gloves

If you have arthritis, it may be worth it to buy arthritis gloves. Arthritis gloves provide more warmth and compression than normal gloves, which help with pain in your fingers. If you’re unable to get arthritis gloves, try using hot packs for your hands. Be careful not to expose your actual skin to the hot packs.

Wear Proper Footwear

In the winter, snow and ice can build up on roads and stairs. This leaves you more susceptible to falling and hurting your joints. Always wear shoes that have a grip on them, and consider looking into step treads to place on the exterior stairs in your home. Always be on the lookout for slick surfaces and avoid them the best you can.

Crafted Can Help

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