5 Gift Ideas For The Physical Therapist In Your Life

Fri December 10, 2021

5 Gift Ideas For The Physical Therapist In Your Life

If you’re looking for gift ideas to give your physical therapist, or friends/family that are physical therapists, look no further! We’ve got some great gift ideas that they’ll be sure to love. 

Custom Engraved Signs

Wooden signs with your physical therapist’s name engraved on them make for an incredibly thoughtful gift. The signs can be put in their office for some decorative flair, and remind them every day of their impressive accomplishment. Etsy has great, customizable, options to choose from.


Physical therapists love to stay hydrated. After all, water intake has shown to provide many benefits to physical therapy like promoting healing and preventing stiffness. You can grab tumblers as big as 40 oz on Amazon or if you’d like to spend a little more, you can purchase a yeti. 

If you want to take it a step further, you can purchase a tumbler that keeps cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot, so they can enjoy their coffee however they prefer!

Business Card Holder

Chances are, your physical therapist will have business cards. Business cardholders can be decorative or plain, depending on their style, but offer a secure place for storage so the cards don’t go everywhere. You can get one they can throw in their purse or bag or one that sits on their desk.


Physical therapists are almost always on their feet, so good shoes are essential for their comfort. Ask yourself these questions before purchasing: 

  1. Are they comfortable? 

  2. Are they lightweight? 

  3. Are they good for walking? 

  4. Are they slip-ons? 

  5. Are they breathable? 

  6. Are they waterproof? 

If the answer is “yes” to most of the above questions, you’ve got yourself a great PT shoe

Activewear & Gym Essentials

Physical Therapists are always telling their patients to stay active and incorporate daily movement, but sometimes, life can get so busy for PTs that they neglect that advice themselves, or power through their daily activities with out-of-date clothes or worn-out gym bags. A pair of leggings/joggers and a nice gym bag can be an awesome, easy gift that your PT is sure to appreciate. 

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