Physical Therapy Myth Busting at Crafted Physical Therapy

Mon May 17, 2021

There are many misconceptions about physical therapy. Physical therapists are extremely versatile and have the ability to assist you in more ways than you think. Whether it be massage therapy or guiding you through specific exercises for preventive care or rehabilitation, physical therapy is a practice filled with specialists. Below are a few common myths we’ve busted at Crafted Physical Therapy.

Only Injuries Require Physical Therapy

In most cases, the patients who receive physical therapy are recovering from an injury, but this isn’t always the case. Physical therapy can be practiced to prevent future injuries from occurring or help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle. Doctors may recommend a physical therapist to those with health problems or disabilities because it can be a safe alternative for staying active. Having specialized guidance through exercises can ensure you are performing movements properly and with the correct form.

Massage and Physical Therapy Are the Same

Physical therapists perform many services, one being massage therapy. Massage therapy is more in-depth than that typical muscle massage you receive at the spa. Physical therapists are certified and have a great amount of knowledge in the biomechanics of the human body. This enables them to perform specific kneading techniques to cater to a particular pain that the patient is experiencing.

All Medical Professionals Can Perform Physical Therapy

Move Forward PT explains how 37 percent of people think all medical professionals can correctly perform methods of physical therapy. However, many forget that it takes a certified therapist to carry out physical therapy practices. A medical professional who may also have the same certifications may be an Orthopedic Specialist therefore they would be able to provide some physical therapy assistance.

Physical Therapy Requires a Doctor’s Referral

In order to receive physical therapy, you don’t need a doctor’s note. There are options where you can receive the care you want right away. If medical costs are a worry, Direct Access can assist future patients with a way to schedule an appointment without the help of a primary doctor.  

Surgery is Your Best Option

Surgery to reduce pain relief is not your only option in some cases. Physical therapy has the ability to treat injuries and achieve pain relief too. By visiting a physical therapist and discussing your problems, there might be an easier solution rather than undergoing surgery.

Physical therapy is filled with certified specialists who are trained to give preventive care or rehabilitation to their patients. To learn more about what services Crafted Physical Therapy can offer you visit the home page.