How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Headaches

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Headaches essentially affect everyone at one point or another. Headaches can be something as small as a slight tinge, or something as painful as a debilitating migraine. When headaches become a daily occurrence, they can impact your life and livelihood and may be a little more complex than just taking an over-the-counter pain killer.

Crafted Physical Therapy is familiar with treating headaches and can help you develop a personalized approach to treating your pain.

Finding the cause of headaches can be as equally frustrating as the headache itself. However, pain just doesn’t happen naturally within the body. Once the source is determined, a course of action and treatment plan is made to get you back to living the life you love.

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Dealing With Migraines

Migraines are debilitating headaches that can send those affected into a dark room for multiple days. From a medical standpoint, only “chemically endured headaches” are technically “migraine headaches.” This is an important distinction because a neurologist will be the one to diagnose, treat and restore the brain back to its chemically-balanced state.

Cervicogenic Headaches and Posture-Related Headaches

Once migraines are out of the equation, headaches fall into two categories: cervicogenic or posture-related. 

Cervicogenic headaches are related to issues in the neck. Usually they are located on one side of the head and are triggered by certain neck movements. Often because they affect one side of the head, they are mistaken for migraines. 

Posture-related headaches are extremely common. A lot of our days are filled with sitting at desks, shoulders hunched, looking at screens. These positions are not natural for the body, and are almost certain to cause posture-related headaches. These positions cause the body to compensate and shift pressure and weight to other muscles, which are not natural and can cause nerve irritation. 

How Physical Therapy Can Help Your Headaches 

Headaches are caused by a combination of musculoskeletal issues. Manual therapy is the difference in treating headaches with physical therapy. Manual therapy is a specialized area of physical therapy in which trained therapists use their hands to diagnose and treat pain. This treatment directly affects joint movement, and studies also show it impacts physiological,  neurophysiological and biochemical health. Manual therapy is effective for headaches and finding the trigger source of headaches.  

Get on the Path to Recovery Today 

The team at Crafted Physical Therapy is well-trained in manual therapy as well as other types of therapies. We are here to get you feeling better and over your headaches without powerful painkillers or invasive surgeries. Contact us today online to schedule an appointment or call us at (720) 204-4567.