7 Benefits Of Every Day Movement

Mon August 16, 2021

7 Benefits Of Every Day Movement 

There’s a high chance that at some point, you’ve heard someone say “you just need 30 minutes of movement per day.” If you’re busy working, taking care of children, or building your strength, that can sound intimidating, but there’s a reason so many people say it. Here are 7 benefits of moving your body every day.  

Improves Your Memory

When you move your body, endorphins linked to mental sharpness and neuronal health are released. People tend to exercise to clear their heads, and obviously, it works. 

Maintains Your Weight

Even if your goal to move every day isn’t motivated by body goals, you would be surprised at how effective moving is for maintaining your weight. When you increase your activity, your metabolic rate increases as well. 

Boosts Your Energy Levels

If you find yourself constantly lagging throughout your day, try to incorporate a walk into your routine. Movement is shown to boost your endurance and provide you with more pep-in-your-step. 

Contributes To Better Sleep

Everyone wants to sleep better at night. When your body has to exert more energy, it makes sense that you’ll get better, deeper sleep. 

Strengthens Your Muscles

Unfortunately, a big disadvantage of aging is the risk of osteoporosis. Daily movement is a great way to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Reduces Chronic Pain

When you’re suffering from chronic pain, the idea of everyday movement may seem like a silly one. However, moving your body can break the pain-signaling loop. Think small. Walking to your mailbox, parking your car further away at the grocery store, walking the dog. 

Betters Your Mood

Everyday movement not only improves your body physically, it also improves your body mentally. As mentioned before, endorphins are released when you’re active, and these endorphins promote happiness. That’s why your doctor recommends exercise if you suffer from depression!

How To Get Active

Increasing your activity doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are many low-impact activities like hiking you can incorporate into your daily routine. If you want to lead a healthier lifestyle, try implementing the suggestions below.

  • Take a walk

  • Go swimming [Learn More]

  • Explore fitness classes

  • Set a goal for yourself (Ex: 10,000 steps a day)

  • YouTube easy at-home workouts/exercises

    Moving your body every day obviously has many upsides. If you have any questions give the professionals at Crafted Physical Therapy a call at (720) 204-4567 or visit our location in Longmont, Colorado.